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Former Drill Instructor Scares the hell out of some film production staffers.

Former DI John Smith. Was working with some civilian guys and his buddy asked me to yell at him, needless to say, I got his attention…..FUNNY!!!!!

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Military Working Dogs National Monument

by Jeff Locke, 11/1/2013      Most of us have had pets in our lives one way or the other. When I turned fourteen my birthday present was an eight week old Chow/Lab mix. He was the fluffiest little thing… He … Continue reading

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News: Teacher that saves Students at a Middle School in Nevada was a Marine Veteran

Source: Business Insider Website:  www.businessinsider.com The teacher who was killed Monday morning trying to protect middle school students from a shooter on the grounds has been identified as Michael Landsberry, according to NBC. Two people — the teacher and the … Continue reading

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Terminal Lance: #290 Why We Drink!

Check out Terminal Lance’s Website:  Terminallance.com  You can see their entire archive of comics on their website.

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