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Reason for the lack of postings on this website!

If your a regular visitor of Trek to the Troops you have noticed that we haven’t been posting as much as we normally do,  though we do try to post often with news and information related to veteran/military issues, such Stolen Valor and other issues related to troops and veterans issues and entertainment news.   the reason why the lack of postings is because early last month I went back to college to continue me education,  using the GI-Bill and continuing my goals to work on obtaining a degree in Communications.   Lack of volunteers for the website leaving me to do most of the  work on postings at this time.  Lack of time due to classes and of course my day job doesn’t give me the opportunity to keep up all the time, but I will try to do better.

I am currently attending Pierce College in Los Angles.  when attending I realize there is not a Veteran’s Club on Campus,  so the past couple of weeks I have been creating and recruiting fellow U.S. Military Veterans to join our Student Veterans of America Pierce College Chapter.   Visit www.studentveterans.org

I will be starting a section on the website dedicated to the Chapter of SVA that I founded here on Campus feel free to check it out, and if your attending a college and you don’t have a Veteran’s Club, I can advise you on starting your own feel free to contact me through the contact us page on this website.

Interview With Bobby Clark, U.S. Navy Korean War Veteran, and Star Trek TOS Actor, Best known for being the Gorn.

Today’s interview Is with U.S. Navy Korean War Veteran and Actor,  Barry Clark,  best known for his part being in the green Gorn Costume fighting one on one with Captain Jame T. Kirk in Star Trek TOS, but have been in a few classic Star Trek episodes. 

Correction Bobby Clark,  messed up when typing my post through iPad.  I have his name correct not sure why it typed Barry instead of Bobby

More Videos to come from the Convention

indexf5dcacf8bcb0b116bbc0aa0fa215848f More videos to be posted.  Currently working on posting a video from U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran and Actor Tucker Smallwood.  His video is going through the editing process then will be posted on Youtube then right on here.   Admiral

Next up for editing and posting Interview with Eugene “Rod”  Roddenberry Jr with special guest who joins him for a interview about the Great Bird of the Galaxy Gene Roddenberry talking about his dad military service and how it inspired into Star Trek.

Also have a interview with Chris Doohan one of the sons of the late James Doohan (Scotty from Star Trek)

So  more great content to be posted soon as we can get it up and online for you.

Video: Las Vegas Star Trek Convention Walk-Thru!

We created this video as a way of seeing the convention, since you the troops can’t make it.   Here’s our video of a walk through the convention halls,  was recorded on a iPad.

More Convention Videos and Interviews coming soon, as we are able to edit and post them online we will post them on here.


Rio Trek Vegas 2014: Last Vegas Star Trek Convention

STLV14_artv2I will be attending the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention which starts Thursday July 31st, ending on Sunday August 3rd.   I will be posting up exclusive photos and Video messages through out the convention for those who are deployed and can’t join in the fun.

Link for more information about the Convention check out Creation Entertainment website

Also got word that Trek Radio, (Podcast) would like to interview me about Trek to the Troops will give you details of that as well.

Trek to the Troops has a history with the Las Vegas convention.  Starting in 2005 I was working on recruiting Star Trek Alums for a Entertainment Tour overseas with the Troops which would have happen in 2006,  but unfortunately. the director of the tour with Armed Forces Entertainment passed away which canceled it.  We were able to make connections with Star Trek Actors to visit with the troops at the Bob Hope Hollywood USO at LAX for many years.