Our Past Headers and Logos

Logo Patch:

What it stands for. In branches of the Armed Forces of the United States its common for units to be represented by a patch.  Our patch logo is based on a few things.   Blue Star for all those serving in deployed zones, The Delta Emblem to symbolized the roots of Trek to the troops which started with actors and fans of Star Trek who planned and worked on taking a overseas tour to entertain the troops though that didn’t happen as of yet but it represents that roots that started Trek to the Troops.  The Shadow of a soldier bending down with his rifle grieving over his low fellow service members .

The new logo took shape in early 2013 by Erica Hugget

Holiday Graphic 2013  Special Logo for the Holiday Season.










Deeply sadden by another tragic Fort Hood shooting special logo was put in place on trek to the troops for most of the month of April 2014  It has three black bands on top of a grey band represented the loss of the 3 soldiers who were victims in the tragic shooting.

Mothers Day 2014 Pink Logo Background for a Salute to Mothers in the Military 

Pink for Mother's Day Weekend

Pink for Mother’s Day Weekend










Logo in Honor of D-Day 70 Year anniversary of the Battle or Normandy  Was up for the week of June 6th 2014


Banner prior to 2013banner2ye7


2013 Banner 1426499_10151765234989405_1102314665_n


Veterans’ Day 2013banner_trek_909x176_veterans

Happy Holidays 2013 banner_trek_909x176_winterholiday

New Year 2014banner_trek_909x176_newyear

  Condolences to Fort Hood April 2, 2014 banner_trek_909x176_forthood

Mother’s Day 2014 We Salute you Mom!

Memorial Day 2014 Never Forget Forever Honorcropped-banner_trek_909x176_memorial2014.jpg

July Banner in Salute of Fourth of July Celebrating Independence Day. banner_trek_909x176_independence2014.jpg

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