British Royal Army and U.S. Army troops come together to sing “Coming Home”

Take a moment to watch and listen to this heartwarming video soldiers from the U.S. and British Military put together.   “Coming Home”

Three serving soldiers in the British Army join forces in voice with US Soldiers. Singing ‘Coming Home’, the song dedicated to all service personnel who serve us all with pride around the world. Featuring Richard Scarlett – a Sergeant in the US Army, and Tyrone Basnight, a Staff Sergeant in the US Army.

The Force is strong with this crew: Future space station crew dons Jedi robes for Star Wars-inspired poster


Found this story and just had to share this on our website as well.  The story is originally posted on

Feb. 12, 2015 — That’s no Star Wars poster. It’s a space station… crew.

NASA on Thursday (Feb. 12) revealed the official poster for the International Space Station Expedition 45 crew and let’s just say, the Force is strong with them.

The six astronauts and cosmonauts, who will begin their residency on the orbital outpost beginning this September, traded their blue NASA flight suits for brown Jedi robes at the photo shoot. More on this story, visit article.

Concerns for the website

Someone just wrote about his concerns on the way I am operating this website. I would like to hear from you the visitors on what you would like to see on here. Would you like to see less of the fakes and frauds that I post on here.  What type of news and information would you like me to post.

As you may notice I don’t post on the website as often as I once did since work and school take a majority of my time.  Would also like others who would like to take part in the website and put more content that our visitors might be interested in reading/viewing.  Feel free to contact through the contact page if you would like to discuss ideas and improvement to the website.


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Phony of the week, This time it’s personal, Caught him myself.

While leaving from a class I saw this guy in a U.S. Navy things weren’t right,  his boots were not correct type of boots for the uniform and his trousers were not tucked in his boots or bloused, and he wasn’t wearing his cover.  So I asked him before i started recording about his service he wanted to brush me off, so I went and started recording and catch up with him. Notice how nervous he gets and his buddies out trying to help him out.   All known around the campus trying to hit on the college girls on campus.

Why I called the Sheriff Deputy was because of the creepiness of the faker, and the fact the Los Angeles Sheriff Department is in charge of the policing on Campus and the security of the campus,   I wanted to say more profound remarks, but I kept it clean.