Been so busy with College/New Website Launched for Veterans’ Club on Campus

I’ve been busy attending college, this is why this website has had a lack of content that past few months and I’ve launched a new website for the Student Veterans Association of Pierce College


The Club I founded on the campus this past fall is to help Veterans attending college to network together and help each other in the transition into college life and learning. Feel free to check out the new website and I will be trying to bring up more stuff on this website in the summer since school will be over for me till this coming Fall.


ISIS/ISIL says they have their own version of SEALs (Real Veterans have a laugh)

Videos posted by the Terrorist group ISIS/ISIL  with them waving through the water and doing training in slow motion.  With production value at a laugh too.   I’m sure U.S. Navy SEALs are laughing hysterically at these fools.


Here’s a Real Navy SEALs Training Video:


ISIS Training video

Student Veterans Team for the Relay for Life

The Student Veterans club I belong to on Los Angeles Pierce College is taking part in Relay for Life, and we would appreciate your donations Please Contribute to our team.

Please Contribute and help fight Cancer.


Phony Navy SEALs of the Week new website


Just wanted to share this great new website for Don and Diana Shipley known for Phony Navy SEAL of the week.  You can join and help with the cause of busting these phonies out there in person face to face.  $10.00 a month is well worth watching these FAKEs getting a face to face meet ~N~ greet from the Senior Chief.




Leonard Nimoy passed away at age 83 (Army Veteran and Actor)

Leonard Nimoy 83 passed away in his Bel Air, California home this morning.  Lenard was a U.S. Army Reserves and a Veteran, after the service he went on to acting, got his start in acting and hit the iconic role as Half Human Half Vulcan Commander Spock.  He went on to act in numerous roles,  then directed several Star Trek Movies and other projects.  He was also a avid photographer.  Leonard Nimoy was very chartable through the years with various of causes.   You can see one such chartable cause was for the Getty Planetarium in Los Angeles, they dedicated a Theater.   The Lenard Nimoy Theater.   He will surely be deeply missed by his family, friends and his fans.


He served as a soldier from 1953 to 1955. The Army took him to Fort Ord, California, Fort Benning, Georgia, and Fort McPherson, Georgia, according to a Twitter post from Nimoy for Veterans Day in 2013. He posted a photo of himself in uniform, wearing the rank of technician 3rd grade, equivalent to the World War II-era rank of staff sergeant (E-5).

Safe journey our beloved friend, you will Live Long and Prosper in our hearts and memory.