Back to posting after a couple of years

Sorry for the lack of new posts on the website.  Work, School, and life has gotten in the way.  Now with new stuff to post I am bringing things back to the way Trek to the Troops started. Star Trek to the Troops.   I am also including “The Orville”  Seth McFarland’s new series that is Launching on Fox in September as Star Trek though not cannon is a Parody of 90’s Era Star Trek.

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Music Video: Five Finger Death Punch-Wrong Side of Heaven

The band Five Finger Death Punch – Wrong Side of Heaven  bringing the issue of Veteran Homelessness in the spotlight with this music video.    Check it out,  watch and post your review in the comments.

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First Female Soldier to Guard the Tomb of the Unknown at Arlington National Cemetery.

Sgt Heather Lyn Johnson earned the prestigious tomb guard badge to become the first female sentinel at Arlington National Cemetery.  firstfemalesentinal

Now that all military jobs even combat jobs are open to women all opportunities that were for men only has been removed all barriers that once held women back in the U.S. Armed Forces have been removed women with abilities are given the same opportunity as men.   This is just one of many first for women in the coming years for women in the Armed Forces.

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Lack of posting Notice

Sorry for the lack of new posts on Trek to the Troops.   As a reminder, I am busy with attending college and working with a Student Veterans  Club on campus which takes up more of my time so less time to be posting on Trek to the Troops website which is pretty much a blog these days no events and activities for Trek to the Troops for the time being.    That could change after I complete my education goals and maybe bring things back into action.   The Veterans club for the campus does have a website which I also manage.  I will try to make at least a few posts a month on latest news and interesting veterans related news and stories to pass along as I have the opportunity too.

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Funny Videos: Proof Drill Sergeants are born not trained.

10 year old Drill Sergeant.

Published on Jun 5, 2015


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