Our Guests/Wall of Fame

Actors who have visited during a
Trek to the Troops Meet ~N~ Greet.

Garret Wang: Was at the 1st Meet ~N~ Greet (2005)

Walter Koenig:  2nd Annual Meet ~N~ Greet (2006)

Herbert Jefferson Jr: 2nd Annual Meet ~N~ Greet (2oo6)

Chris Doohan: 2nd Annual Meet ~N~ Greet (2006)

Gary Graham: 2nd Annual Meet ~N~ Greet (2006)

Chase Masterson: 3rd Annual Meet ~N~ Greet (2007)

Tim Russ: 3rd Annual Meet ~N~ Greet (2007)

Natalia Nogulich: 3rd Annual Meet ~N~ Greet (2007) (Also conducted Trek Care Packages to a number o fUS Military Personal)

Marcello (Comic Meet ~N~ Greet (2008)

El Jaye (Comic Meet ~N~ Greet (2008)

Tim Babb  (Comic Meet ~N~ Greet (2008)

Luis Banuelos (Comic Meet ~N~ Greet (2008)

Skillz (Comic Meet ~N~ Greet (2008)

Anna Math (Comic and Army Brag/Meet ~N~ Greet (2009)

Gail Gramlich Meet ~N~ Greet (2009)

Gabriella Francis Meet ~N~ Greet (2009)

Justin Berkman Meet ~N~ Greet (2009)

Special Thanks goes out to Take2 Interactive who in 2006 donated many video game titles to send out to US Military Personal stationed overseas and with the help of Cordes Lakes, Arizona American Legion Post 122 we were able to ship 200 games in care packages.

USS-Angeles StarFleet Fan Club,  Members who have taken part in various events, Gloria Rodriquez and  Maria “Kess”  Castandeda.   Luis Valentin.

2013 Sci-Fi Fan Volunteer Day with Operation Gratitude:   501st Legion Southern California Garrison who took part in the Aprerance and USS-Angeles Members Luis Valentin and Nathan Gastineau,

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