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Music Video: Five Finger Death Punch-Wrong Side of Heaven

The band Five Finger Death Punch – Wrong Side of Heaven  bringing the issue of Veteran Homelessness in the spotlight with this music video.    Check it out,  watch and post your review in the comments.

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ISIS/ISIL says they have their own version of SEALs (Real Veterans have a laugh)

Videos posted by the Terrorist group ISIS/ISIL  with them waving through the water and doing training in slow motion.  With production value at a laugh too.   I’m sure U.S. Navy SEALs are laughing hysterically at these fools.   Here’s a … Continue reading

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British Royal Army and U.S. Army troops come together to sing “Coming Home”

Take a moment to watch and listen to this heartwarming video soldiers from the U.S. and British Military put together.   “Coming Home” Three serving soldiers in the British Army join forces in voice with US Soldiers. Singing ‘Coming Home’, the … Continue reading

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For our friends accross the pond: Royal Guards Fail Compilation

For our Allies and friend accross the pond, here’s a Birtish Guard Failing at their job.  Don’t worry all just fun. Watch the clips and have a laugh.

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Funny USNA Spirt Video, Siri

Published on Sep 28, 2014 Siri. Redefined. Just in time for Navy to beat Air Force. Directed by: Rylan Tuohy Gregory Dykstra Jesse Fine *This is a parody.

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