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Flashback Friday: Phony PJ and SEAL Jay “The Major Fraud” Kerwin

3 Replies Flashback Friday Retired Navy Seal Don Shipley (Retired Senior Chief)  Jason Kerwin AKA Jay “The Major” Kerqin of BootCamp LA has been for years parading around as a Military Veteran for his Fitness business and made claims of … Continue reading

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Recap: Jay “The Major Fraud” Kerwin Fake Navy Seal and Failed AF Pararescue. Boot Camp LA

As some of you remember we started  the year with a few stories of “The Major Fraud”  who runs and owns Boot Camp LA, who goes around and promotes himself as a Para-rescue Jumper Veteran to promote his Fitness Business.  … Continue reading

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Stolen Valor: Jay (Jason) The Major Fraud Kerwin Lies Pile up

This is an article update for Jason Kerwin aka Jay Kerwin “The Major” which we are now calling “The Major Fraud” since a few days ago when Retired Navy Seal Senior Chief Don Shipley outted Jay for being a liar and Stolen Valor … Continue reading

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