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First Female Soldier to Guard the Tomb of the Unknown at Arlington National Cemetery.

Sgt Heather Lyn Johnson earned the prestigious tomb guard badge to become the first female sentinel at Arlington National Cemetery.  firstfemalesentinal

Now that all military jobs even combat jobs are open to women all opportunities that were for men only has been removed all barriers that once held women back in the U.S. Armed Forces have been removed women with abilities are given the same opportunity as men.   This is just one of many first for women in the coming years for women in the Armed Forces.

The Force is strong with this crew: Future space station crew dons Jedi robes for Star Wars-inspired poster


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Feb. 12, 2015 — That’s no Star Wars poster. It’s a space station… crew.

NASA on Thursday (Feb. 12) revealed the official poster for the International Space Station Expedition 45 crew and let’s just say, the Force is strong with them.

The six astronauts and cosmonauts, who will begin their residency on the orbital outpost beginning this September, traded their blue NASA flight suits for brown Jedi robes at the photo shoot. More on this story, visit article.

Chris Evans helps Betty White on stage makes people think he really is Captain America

At the People’s Choice Awards Betty White (93) was helped up to the stage by a real gentleman proving that chivalry is not dead, also making people online comparing Chris Evans to his character he played on screen Steve Rogers AKA Captain America.


Video of the People’s Choice Awards

Rebuttle to the ISIS Propaganda video: Bomb by a women!

10473778_713715945384672_3051260818730391501_nSo ISIS think they are so tough and trying to make U.S. shake in their boots,  just remember this a couple of weeks ago a Woman Pilot from the UAE dropped some bombs on them.  Not that I say anything wrong with women pilots,  it just adds more insult to injury to the Muslim.  So nice try ISIS,  we do more in training then kicking each other in the chest to show how much of a men that we are.