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Lack of posting Notice

Sorry for the lack of new posts on Trek to the Troops.   As a reminder, I am busy with attending college and working with a Student Veterans  Club on campus which takes up more of my time so less time to be posting on Trek to the Troops website which is pretty much a blog these days no events and activities for Trek to the Troops for the time being.    That could change after I complete my education goals and maybe bring things back into action.   The Veterans club for the campus does have a website which I also manage.  I will try to make at least a few posts a month on latest news and interesting veterans related news and stories to pass along as I have the opportunity too.

Student Veterans Team for the Relay for Life

The Student Veterans club I belong to on Los Angeles Pierce College is taking part in Relay for Life, and we would appreciate your donations Please Contribute to our team.

Please Contribute and help fight Cancer.

Concerns for the website

Someone just wrote about his concerns on the way I am operating this website. I would like to hear from you the visitors on what you would like to see on here. Would you like to see less of the fakes and frauds that I post on here.  What type of news and information would you like me to post.

As you may notice I don’t post on the website as often as I once did since work and school take a majority of my time.  Would also like others who would like to take part in the website and put more content that our visitors might be interested in reading/viewing.  Feel free to contact through the contact page if you would like to discuss ideas and improvement to the website.


Thank you,
Christopher Mulrooney

Trek to the Troops

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Reason for the lack of postings on this website!

If your a regular visitor of Trek to the Troops you have noticed that we haven’t been posting as much as we normally do,  though we do try to post often with news and information related to veteran/military issues, such Stolen Valor and other issues related to troops and veterans issues and entertainment news.   the reason why the lack of postings is because early last month I went back to college to continue me education,  using the GI-Bill and continuing my goals to work on obtaining a degree in Communications.   Lack of volunteers for the website leaving me to do most of the  work on postings at this time.  Lack of time due to classes and of course my day job doesn’t give me the opportunity to keep up all the time, but I will try to do better.

I am currently attending Pierce College in Los Angles.  when attending I realize there is not a Veteran’s Club on Campus,  so the past couple of weeks I have been creating and recruiting fellow U.S. Military Veterans to join our Student Veterans of America Pierce College Chapter.   Visit

I will be starting a section on the website dedicated to the Chapter of SVA that I founded here on Campus feel free to check it out, and if your attending a college and you don’t have a Veteran’s Club, I can advise you on starting your own feel free to contact me through the contact us page on this website.