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Phony Navy SEAL of the WEEK. Michael James Fortner. Phony Navy SEAL.

Published on Nov 6, 2014

Retired Navy SEAL Senior Chief Don Shipley BUSTS Michael James Fortner from San Lorenzo, California.

Michael, a “former” church deacon, decided it’d be a good idea to tell a bunch of SEAL lies on camera for me to find…

Michael has been living this lie for DECADES. Continue reading

Marines out a Fake SGM outside a funeral Obvious Stolen Valor.

U.S. Marines out a fake Sergeant Major outside a funeral,   wearing Silver Star and Bronze Star with valor and other fake medals while wearing ribbons.  Just looking at the way the uniform is F$&ed up you can tell he is a fake for sure.   Not to mention wearing the SGM Rank on his Beret never seen that in my 10 years of being in the Army.   Great job Marines for outing this fake and getting him on video.

Others if you see a obvious fake get him or her on camera also get their plate numbers turn them in get all the information you can on these fools and contact us.

Video: Stolen Valor PSA

As you know, nothing upsets us more then Stolen Valor, Fakes who claim to be something they are not wearing medals and even uniforms they never earned the right to wear. As those real heros are dying and being injured on the battle field for these fakes to be doing what they are doing is disgusting and more has to be done to combat these fakes.

Video: Fully Exposed: Johnny (Fat Faced) Bea (Real Name John Sheppard JR.

The Veteran Hater/Faker that runs his fat mouth,  this video made up by a fellow Johnny Bea/   He has challenged us to come after him,  Well Accepted.  Just have to get a airline ticket I have a few friends and some equipment we will get that fat face on National TV for the Fake he is and everyone in his neighborhood will know if they don’t already know what a Looser this faker is.