Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry Jr. Son of Star Trek Creator Gene Roddenberry and Christopher Mulrooney At the front gate of Paramount Studios in 2005 during the “Save Enterprise Rally”

Thank you for visiting, Trektothetroops.org,    Trek to the Troops is a Non-Profit in the State of California founded by Christopher Mulrooney  while a member of the Army National Guard.  In March 2005 after only returning home from deployment to Iraq he founded Trek to the Troops, after taking part in the Save Enterprise Rally in front of Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood, California.  The idea came to him after a conversation with Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry Jr. the son of the late Gene Roddenberry the creator of Star Trek.  So with a very limited budget Christopher went around and met with Star Trek Actors who would be interesting in visiting with men and women of the US Armed Forces, original idea was to take Actors on a Entertainment Tour Overseas to visit the troops with a Star Trek Actors group but form a variety show, so even if the troops weren’t really Star Trek fans they would be entertain.

Week before Christmas 2005 the First Annual Trek to the Troops Meet ~N~ Greet took place with Guest Garret Wang from Star Trek (Ensign Harry Kim from Star Trek Voyager)  He visited and signed Autographs to Marines visiting the Bob Hope Hollywood USO at Los Angeles International Airport.  Volunteers Luis “Soval” Valentin and Virginia Wilson took part in our first attempt to entertain the troops.

We Continued the Tradition of bringing Celebrity or entertaining guests to visit troops at the USO while the troops await flights.  it continued till 2009  with the past two years where comedy acts who donated their time to entertain the troops with their talents.

2010 thru to now: Slow time for Trek to the Troops, we have many ideas of what we would like to do for the troops, but with no funding it makes it hard to really expand on what we can do.  We have numerous ideas, but limited on support, we would like to gain some volunteers and supportive team to expand on out mission and provide quality entertainment for our men and women of the US Armed Forces.

By the way we are not looking to compete with the USO, we just want to support them and provide quality entertainment and activities for the troops.