September is here

SeptemberHappy Labor Day Weekend, hope everyone is having a safe and fun weekend.   Sorry we didn’t post a lot on the second half of August, after the death of Robin Williams we left that posting as the leading post on the website  for the time being. Will try to post more news and stories on the website this month.   I know a lot of Veterans and including myself are starting college the past few weeks. Wishing everyone the best this college semester.   To the troops deployed overseas we are thinking of you as always.    If any of you wishing to receive some care packages for this holiday season please contact us we are seeking troops to ship packages to in the coming months.

About Christopher Mulrooney

Founder and President of Trek To The Troops Served in the Army Nati0onal Guard for 9 years and US Army Reserves for 1.5 years. Served in Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003-2004.
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