I promised you daily content from this y ears Las Vegas Star Trek Convention, but we had a issue,  We couldn’t upload the content.   WiFi at the Rio Hotel was more of a expense then I could afford to deliver the content.  So I had to wait to get home to start uploading the content to the website.  So I will be doing that though out the evening and tonight and more through the week.

I interviewed,

Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry Jr.  and his little boy Zale Roddenberry.   (son of the creator of Star Trek Gene Roddenberry.
Christopher Doohan (Son of the late  James Doohan “Scotty of Star Trek”) Tucker Smallwood “Star Trek: Enterprise Actor who is a Army Veteran)

Many more great interviews and special clips from Fans to the Troops.

Again, I am sorry I was unable to get WiFi access to upload all the great content for you during the Convention.