Heading to Star Trek Convention?

imageAs fans flock to Las Vegas for this years Star Trek Convention.  Wanted to show you just a taste of how Star Trek has been influence culture like the photo above is a shot from the hit show “Big Bang Theory”   where the nerd crew dressed up for a convention and they stop for photos at Vasquez Rocks and get their car stolen and have to figure a way how to get home after being stranded. Many Star Trek Actors have been written into the show,  Will Wheaten, Levar Burton, Bren Spiner, Lenard Nimoy,  and George Takei.  (If I forgot anyone that has been on recently, I’m sorry please post in comments. )

Earlier this year the latest X-Man: Days of Future Past”  which has most of the movie being set in 1973 around the time Star Trek (The Original Series) was hitting reruns and had a built  a new fans base, there is a scene in the movie with several TV shows and news channels playing at once, and one of the shows being shown was of course STAR TREK.  Of course not to mention this movie also started Sir Patrick Stewart as Professor X (Charles Xavier)

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