Contest: Fourth of July Art Give-A-Way

Erica Hugget of Just Dandy Design has an item to give-a-way to our visitors just in time for the Fourth of July.  Just Dandy Design and Erica Hugget is who created our graphics for Trek to the Troops for the past two years. She came up with this great give-a-way idea and we would like to thank her for this as well.


About the art it’s about 13.5″ w x 11.25″ reclaimed wood hand painted art in acrylic and will be shipped free by Just Dandy Design to whoever wins.

Click more information below for contest details and how to submit to the contest drawing.


Please fill out the form below which will be submitted to a special email with will be collecting entries one will be picked randomly on July 8th 2014 and winner will be notified by Trek to the Troop’s staff and winner information will be submitted to Just Dandy Design to send prize.  (Please only submit once per person duplicate submissions will be disqualified.)  Just want to allow everyone the fair chance.

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