Today marks the 70th Anniversary of the Normandy Invasion. D-Day

1601128_10152455838416287_1135169078455019032_nIt was Early Morning June 6th 1944 The Allies lead the invasion against the Axis forces.  This would be the step that leads to the movement all the way into Germany to the Defeat of Nazi Germany.  Over 160,000 troops and 5,000 ships invaded into Normandy France.  During the night inland members of the 101st and 82nd Airborne and British Airborne jumped in the night behind enemy lines as the invasion would take place early in the morning.  After the battle which would end up costing over 9,000 allies’ lives.
Today in Normandy France will be holding virginals  invasion sites.

A video from Normandy about the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Normandy

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