Know our Names, What do you call Service members by Branch

Soldiers, Sailor, Marine, Coast Guardsman, Airman

Soldiers, Sailor, Marine, Coast Guardsman, Airman

I was watching a segment on TV this morning with my two house mates, Karen and Renee, when on TV came a segment about the USS-Iowa a California State Congresswoman (Sorry didn’t catch her name, but had a wild blond hair due that more hair on one side then the other)  Anyways, she was making a comment about the the Iowa crew members that were killed aboard the USS-Iowa during the Accident in 1989 where 42  “Navy Soldiers were killed”   Excuse me Congresswoman it’s U.S. Navy Sailors if your going to go to a Memorial Day event at least get some of the terminology correct.   It made my correct her out load my housemates said oh she wasn’t in the service how would she know.  I said well she should have if shes going to represent her district and State at a Memorial Day event.   Then a friend shared this picture above maybe the congresswoman should have seen this before going on TV and making a fool out of herself to the Veterans around her.

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