ThisAintHell: Malloy signs CT’s Stolen Valor law

| May 23, 2014 | 16 Comments

Gregory Banks a
ChipNASA sends a link to the press release from the Connecticut Governor, Dannel P. Malloy announcing that he has signed that state’s Stolen Valor legislation;

“Misrepresenting oneself as having served in our military for your own profit is not only disrespectful, but selfish and cannot be tolerated,” said Governor Malloy. “Serving in our military is an incredibly honorable act. Especially as our country prepares to observe Memorial Day this weekend, we should take this opportunity to reflect on the generations of men and women who have fought to make our nation a better, stronger place.”

The crime remains punishable by up to six months in jail, a fine between $500 and $1,000, or both.

“Our military men and women and their families have made tremendous sacrifices for us. It is important that we take every opportunity to assist our veterans in all the ways we can,” said Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman. “Ensuring housing, healthcare, and job training are a big part of protecting our veterans, but this legislation makes it clear we will also defend the very titles they have fought so hard to earn.”


Special attention should be given to this paragraph;

“When I was an active member in the military, I was prepared to go into a combat zone to give up my life to defend our nation’s freedoms – that was an oath taken very seriously,” said State Representative Jack Hennessy (D-Bridgeport), co-chair of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee. “People that walk around pretending to be in the military, or pretending to have served, disrespect those who have actually served and those that have made the ultimate sacrifice.”

Jack Hennessy is indeed an Army Ranger – he was my roomie nearly 40 years ago. The Gregory Banks story got him involved in the stole valor issue. Last year, someone reported Jack to me because they thought he was a phony, so we reconnected through that incident. It’s too bad that the legislation was passed too late to hammer Banks or his little cabana boy over the head with it.

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