CafePress took down our Logo from Store.

This past weekend I created a Trek to the Troops store on in the hopes of created a store front to enable fans to visit and purchase items which we would get a royalties of 20% of the sells well they took our logo design down because of Use of rights from Paramount/CBS because our logo looks to much like Star Trek Logo.    Our Trek to the Troops’ Patch logo may somewhat resemble the Delta  emblem but it has much changes in order to not be the delta emblem of Star Trek.

thFirst off where did Star Trek get the Delta Emblem idea, The logo of the company Motorola which has used this double Delta Emblem for their company for years before Star Trek.

5101402026_173b2ee49e_zWhen Star Trek was created and started filming the Star Trek Patch used on the uniform resemble that of Motorola logo.   if you notice on our Trek to the Troops patch our bottom section of the Emblem on ours is nothing like the previous Delta Emblem is has a even like Arrow quality to it.


enterprisepatchOur logo was inspired by the Star Trek logo because of the origins of Trek to the Troops idea of taking a group of Star Trek Alums overseas on a Entertainment Tour which wasn’t able to happen, but we did take many Star Trek Actors to visit with troops at USO Facilities to visit with troops.  Our Patch was inspired by the Star Trek Enterprise’s Patch since it was the Save Enterprise Rally 2005 that inspired me to create Trek to the Troops.

About Christopher Mulrooney

Founder and President of Trek To The Troops Served in the Army Nati0onal Guard for 9 years and US Army Reserves for 1.5 years. Served in Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003-2004.
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