feedbackttttTrying to improve the website and would like to see some feedback from website visitors.  Original and primary mission for Trek to the Troops is to provide entertainment.   We are not able to do many  events at this time, but hope we will be able to continue in some form or another as we get requests (from Units or bases)he who are seeking a form of entertainment that we can gather up and help set up a event for troops as in the past events we have helped organize. We do try to provide entertaining and informative posts on this website as well such as Phoney Veterans postings that we share from various website such as and  Senior Chief Don Shipley (retired Navy Seal), and Guardian of Valor website.  and among others that we find.   We also share Military and Veteran’;s related news and stories.

We would like to hear your feedback so please feel free to send us a message using our contact page.   Also free to comment on any of the posts we share on our site.

Thank you,

Christopher Mulrooney
Trek to the Troops

US Army OIF 1 Veteran