Phoney Seal of the Week: Ron White (Fake Ninja Seal Fake)

Senior Chief Don Shipley  (Retired US Navy Seal)  outs another Phoney and liar.

Published on May 4, 2014

Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley BUSTS Ron White The Ninja SEAL from Missouri who claims he was recruited for a Secret Mission into Cuba because nobody at SEAL Team TWO knew how to take pictures.

A convenient claim since the key players are dead and Ron didn’t think anyone could unravel his story.

My favorite part is when Ron delivers the pictures to the White House and is surprised to see the President there. I’m guessing Ron was expecting to see Shamu or Kaiser Wilhelm.

Ron’s tall tale were pulled from USA Today and countless other media outlets when they were shown proof of Ron’s B.S story. The fake SEAL ID Card was a nice touch and easily found by Googling “Navy SEAL ID” for anyone wanting to follow Ron to the gallows.

To verify a SEAL Claim please visit…

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