Recap: Jay “The Major Fraud” Kerwin Fake Navy Seal and Failed AF Pararescue. Boot Camp LA

jaykerwin.pngAs some of you remember we started  the year with a few stories of “The Major Fraud”  who runs and owns Boot Camp LA, who goes around and promotes himself as a Para-rescue Jumper Veteran to promote his Fitness Business.  Here’s a recap on this fraudster and Stolen Valor Thief.

It all started when Retired Navy Seal Senior Chief Don Shipley posted a video outing Jay Kerwin (Jasen Kerwin) who claimed to a young man that he was a Navy Seal and can tell him in just a few hours of in the pool if that kid could ever be a Navy Seal.  As Don Shipley said in the video “Being a Seal isn’t a natural ability you train and learn to be a Seal there is no way to tell by a few hours in a pool if someone could be a Seal or not.”  Don Shipley looked though Seal database and see Jason Kerwin has never been a Seal and found out through some Air Force PJ groups that they know of Jason Kerwin AKA Jay Kerwin.  That he has in fact in the Military Prison System for selling and distributing Steroids to his fellow airmen while training to be a Para rescuer Jumper (Air Force Special Operations)  he only finished part of the training never completed the entire training so never earned the title or worked in operations as a PJ.

Since he is based in the Los Angeles area in my backyard so to speak we put up a team together and look deeper into his ploys and is business.  This A-Hole after we looked into his business dealings contacts the LAPD and had a Detective try to come after some of our team saying we are harassing him and spreading lies on him,  Which is untrue he just felt threaten that his lies were starting to crash down around him and effecting some of his business when people he has been doing business with found out about his lies of his service and severed ties with him and hie “Wife”    Marcella Kerwin.  He has been running his fitness camps on country property for many years with out being a intelligentnent  business and being filed with the City and State after we started digging into his business the next week or so he has a DBA (Doing Business As)  Boot Camp LA and a incorporation as BCLA when we checked early on in the digging in his business he had no business as Boot Camp LA in the City business permit office which we one of us went to the city offices and checked around.   Funny how he has been doing business since 2001.  How come he was able to run a business in the City of Los Angeles, and the State of California for that long with out being a real business,  IRS should also look into the couple for state liabilities as well.

Anything that threatens his business or his name, such as the video posting from before mentioned Retired Navy Seal Senior Chief Don Shipley he reports a copyright infringement and gets the video taken down on YouTube. He also got taken down the Facebook page that was made against him called “Veterans Against Jay “the Major Fraud” Kerwin  of Boot Camp LA. Right after the news broke from Don Shipley he has been cleaning up websites he has about him and his business trying to make it look like  that everyone is lying about him and that he never mentioned any of this on his sites, Watchful veterans have been out there right after looking up and getting screen grabs of his websites and claims.

We ask you to please write complaints to the City of Los Angeles about Jay Kerwin and to the County of Los Angeles

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  1. Garry King says:

    Marcia… you must be so proud of Major (Asshole) being a fraud Seal, He him self told me he was a Seal. Complete piece of shit. He must of been butt hurt after I told him I was a Airborne Ranger…. RLTW

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