Military Times: Discovery Channel reality show star trades fire over combat experience

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Discovery Channel

Former Marine and Special Forces soldier Joe Teti filming Dual Survival in Sri Lanka. Teti is returning for his second season on the show amid charges of stolen valor over his combat record. (Discovery Channel)
Mykel Hawke, a recently retired Special Forces captain, and Ruth, his TV journalist wife, head to the backcountry in Discovery Channel’s reality survival series ‘Man, Woman, Wild.’ (Discovery Channel)

What happened to the other guys?

You may remember the original “Dual Survival” duo, and Joe Teti wasn’t one of them. The show garnered an early following with former Army military policeman David Canterbury alongside off-the-grid guru — and always barefoot — Cody Lundin.
But before last year’s third season kicked off, producers fired Canterbury amid allegations that he had claimed sniper and airborne qualifications he did not earn. “Did I embellish some of the things on my résumé? I did,” Canterbury says on his YouTube channel, in a video apologizing to friends and fans.
Lundin appeared in the most recent season premiere, but his episodes are numbered — he was fired midway through filming the season.
“I was fired due to differences over safety and health concerns. I filmed only four shows,” Lundin says on Facebook. He says he was replaced by Matt Graham from “Dude, You’re Screwed,” yet another survival-themed Discovery show.
Lundin doesn’t appreciate the way Discovery is framing a dramatic confrontation between the co-stars that takes place atop a glacier.
“While I have not yet felt the need to address our differences in a much larger public forum, I won’t hesitate to do so if that is what is required to protect my integrity and my career,” he said.
“As Discovery moves forward with launching the new season of ‘Dual Survival,’ I hope the network will choose a different tactic for the presentation and marketing of the show that is not at my expense.”

Joe Teti says he had two goals when he decided to become a reality TV star.

“One, I wanted to be a good role model for kids. My second goal was to represent the special operations community as a whole in a good light,” Teti, co-star of Discovery Channel’s “Dual Survival,” tells Military Times. “I wanted to portray to the public what an average special operations guy is.”

The hit reality show returned for its fourth season April 23. The idea is simple: Team a former military man with a hippie survivalist and see how they cope with extreme environments. It’s as much about the friction of the odd-couple pairing as surviving the situation.

But with déjà vu-like accusations of an inflated military résumé, a mysterious midseason firing of Teti’s co-star, a fatal helicopter crash and a raging online feud, much of the drama is playing out behind the scenes — and on social media.

In the eye of the storm is Teti, the show’s military expert now filming his second season. And in a bizarre case of reality TV gone wild, among those leveling charges is Teti’s former Army Special Forces teammate and friend — himself a survival show star.

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