Cease Fire House Needs your Help


Vetsville Cease Fire House


Emergency alert! We need your help. Why? Because we are running out of money to fund our operation. It’s very hard to keep a charity going in the current economy, with most people struggling from paycheck to paycheck. Now, Cease Fire House is in danger of closing its doors forever. I need your help!

I’m Chris Noel. In Hollywood, I did films with Elvis and Steve McQueen. In Vietnam, I performed live, and my radio show was broadcast to our troops, both in Vietnam and worldwide.

Then, in 1993, I founded Vetsville Cease Fire House, a non-profit charity based in Florida that is dedicated to providing food, shelter and care for indigent military veterans.

Vets make great employees. They’re dependable team players who work with pride, but finding full-time employment is often extremely difficult. And that’s where Vetsville Cease Fire House comes in. Among the great organizations sponsoring us are the Nam Kinghts MC, a group of police officers and Vietnam veterans.

We’re also sponsored by groups like Rolling Thunder, Paul Revere and the Raiders, “Good Morning Vietnam’s” Adrian Cronauer, and various community organizations. We also hold popular yearly fund-raisers such as Veterans Day celebrations and Rock ‘n’ Roll Sunday!

Our mission is to provide homeless American military veterans –regardless of race, creed, color, sex or age — with food, shelter, and a secure environment as we aid them in returning to society. That’s our goal — and Vetsville Cease Fire House is making it happen … with the help of your generous contribution!

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