White House Easter Egg Roll: Photos from SGT Legoski.

10288787_817382511613889_2049281144855964891_nJust got these photos from SGT Saamon Legoski who I served with in the 113th Medical Detachment U.S. Army Reserves He”s currently attending a University near our nation capital.  He  got the chance to  attend the White House Annual Easter Egg Roll.  He sent these amazing photos from the grounds of the White House.  One thing SGT Legoski and I have in common is the love of photography.


SGT Saamon Legoski and President Obama’s Chief of Staff – Denis McDonough

He also had a chance to post with President Obama’s Chief of Staff Denis McDonough.”I was so happy to just get this picture that I forget to exchange more than pleasantries.” Said SGT Legoski.

Check out more photos taken by SGT Legoski from the 2014 Easter Egg Roll. 








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