Phoney Navy Seal: Worthless Fake James “Pumpkin Head” Hoskins (2 Parts

sealexperienceSource:  Don Shipley’s Navy Seal Experience Phoney Seal of the Week

Senior Chief Don Shipley retired U.S. Navy Seal is back at it outing the phoney and fakes out parading around stealing the valor of the brave U.S. Navy Seals.

Don Shipley outing James “Pumpkin Head”  Hoskins  Part 1

Here’s the Phoney/Fake


Meet James Hoskins (Nick named Pumpkin Head)

James Hoskins "Pumpkin Head"

James Hoskins “Pumpkin Head”

ShadleHe steals the idenity though pictures of fallen Navy Seal Brett Shadle by putting pictures of Brett Shadle on his Facebook page and trying to pass it off as him.  Brett Shadle was killed in a parachute jump at Dev group. stated by Don Shipley.

He tries to pose himself as Shadle in this group photo.

James Hoskins says he is the guy circled in red in this photo even has it on his Facebook page and it's not hime its Shadle

James Hoskins says he is the guy circled in red in this photo even has it on his Facebook page and it’s not hime its Shadle

He even makes claims on Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell (Movie Lone Survivor highlights on his story of his team ambushed in Afghanistan”  Making claims he trained Luttrell and that he had

Navy Seal Marcus Lattrell who the movie "Lone Survivor is about.

Navy Seal Marcus Lattrell who the movie “Lone Survivor is about.

issues with his training including water training,, which was found online or by reading his book.  Hoskin’s is a Lurker who lurks around to fool people to believe he is really a Navy Seal.  Don Shipley get’s in touch with Luttrell and let him know about Hoskins.  I’m sure Luttrell has some choice words for the faker.


Don Shipley couldn’t do this all in one video he had to make two .  Check them out.

Don Shipley outing James “Pumpkin Head”  Hoskins  Part 2

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6 Responses to Phoney Navy Seal: Worthless Fake James “Pumpkin Head” Hoskins (2 Parts

  1. marie says:

    He tells these stories and others because he thinks hes impressing people.hes also a doctor dont you know. Got that training in the military as well.its how he got his last two wives and also how he impresses ignorant family members.its scored him afew thousand dollars too.

  2. Randall Allison says:

    I was in the navy and I was a radarman but I met a few Seals and some of them never came back alive from Vietnam. For this obese tub of guts to claim to be a Seal pisses me off. James Hoskins could not even pass the written tests to be a Seal much less BUDS training.
    I once had a team driver that made outrageous combat claims about being a Nave Seal so I asked him what a Seal insignia looked like and that coprophagous theropithecus said, ” It;s King Neptune rising out of the water with a trident….. And so the bullshit rolls on …….

  3. does he still claim to be a seal since shipley outed him?

  4. Everyone, go check out “Vidalia Jenkins” on google+!!! Shes a butt hurt Pumpkinhead sympathizer who has taken to google to back his fat valor stealing ass up, everyone send her fat ass a message letting her know how much we all appreciate her siding with valor thieves! Heres her profile;

  5. TP says:

    As of Dec 2015, Facebook search “Hoskins International LLC”.

  6. tommyt says:

    Updated: June 16, 2016
    Minster standoff suspect pleads guilty

    Breaking News Staff


    UPDATE @ 1:31 p.m. (June 16):

    James W. Hoskins pleaded guilty Wednesday to one felony count of inducing panic, said Auglaize County Common Pleas Court Judge Frederick Pepple.

    Hoskins agreed to pay restitution of just over $11,000, Pepple said, for the cost of all the departments that had to respond to standoff in May.

    Hoskins was released from jail Wednesday on his own recognizance. Conditions of his jail release include cannot consume alcohol or drugs, cannot be near weapons of any kind, and has to take his medication as prescribed, Pepple said.

    A pre-sentence investigation date will be set in a couple weeks.

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