LA NBC 4 News: Navy Sailor Returns Early to Surprise daughter for Easter

Source:  NBC Channel 4 News

A six-year-old student at Chula Vista Learning Community Center got a great pre-Easter surprise, and no, it wasn’t courtesy of some magical bunny.

On Friday, as she and her fellow students stood on the playground with their hands on their hearts to say the Pledge of Allegiance, Nayeli Neciosup heard her name over the loudspeaker.

“Nayeli, we have a very special surprise for you,” said the announcer. “So your mom’s been deployed for 5 months, correct? And she’s in the military, right? Here she is today. She’s here.”

Her mom, Claudia Neciosup — a Navy sailor on USS Boxer –was flown off the ship early to surprise her daughter at school. Claudia was waiting in the wings with a bouquet of flowers until the surprise was announced.

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Nayeli ran to her mother and clung to her as both burst into tears.

“Are you OK?” Claudia said to her shocked daughter. “Are you surprised? Are you happy I’m home? Me too, and I’m super happy.”

The school and Nayeli’s dad, John, all played a part in the big day.

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