Duffelbag.com Satire website Fake Articles that are hurtful to vets with PTSD

Most of us in the Military community know about the Satire website called Duffelbag.com which is like a Military Version of the Onion news website. The latest article which are upsetting a lot of people thinking it’s true.  Saying t hat one Lawmaker thinks a bill which is pending should be put in to place since the Fort Hood shooting about veterans having to warn their neighbors about PTSD.  Calling Veterans unstable and that they should be treated as sex offenders by being put on a watch list.  “Sorry Duffel Bag as a Veteran I really don’t find this funny. other stories that have been written can be found funny, but as a U.S. Army Veteran i find this offensive. Even if it was written as a joke.”

Photo from dufflebag.com website

Photo from dufflebag.com website

What is fueling the fire is that the civilian population or those who are unaware when they share the story on Facebook that Dufflelag.com is not real news and it’s just a Satire website and all the news on there are not real.  People are taking this and believing the story as fact and start raising the concern on something that is fake or false with out checking to be sure it’s real or now.

Actual Article from Duffelbag.com

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Following a second mass shooting at Fort Hood, at least one lawmaker thinks a bill currently under consideration will ensure the safety of American communities by requiring the estimated 2.6 million unstable veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan to tell their neighbors of their combat service.

The Fortify & Unite Communities to Keep Veterans’ External Threats Secure Act (H.R. 1874) which was introduced on Tuesday, would require military veterans to register with the Department of Homeland Security and periodically “check-in” with a case officer, in addition to going door-to-door in their neighborhood to notify people nearby that they are a powder keg of post traumatic stress, alcoholism, murder, and hate just waiting to blow.

“We really feel that we can drastically minimize the damage to some communities, especially those in troubled ‘PTSD hotspots‘ that have become a haven for these psychopathic troops,” said Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.), who sponsored the legislation. “We are so thankful for their service, and now they can continue to serve on veterans probation.”

For the safety of communities, the FCC would also direct cable providers to block access to violent war content popular among veterans, to include The Military Channel and Lifetime. Further, a preliminary letter details instructions sent to providers to censor movies such as “Black Hawk Down” and “Saving Private Ryan” so as “not to place a veteran into a potentially violent mental state and protect the community by not ‘poking the bear.’”

Read more on their website:  http://www.duffelblog.com/2014/04/veteran-ptsd-bill/




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  1. Wagner says:

    I’m sure they wrote the story just for you. I’ll send them a tweet and let them know you didn’t find it funny. Like your father said, “Eh. They can’t all be winners.”

  2. Wagner says:

    Oh. You kept saying Duffle Bag. Is it the same thing?

  3. I ment Duffel Bag same site

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