missingperson10259734_10152356674014306_4355190260775048188_nStuart Caswell, he was last seen in San Diego, CA on 4/7/14 in the early morning hours leaving his home to head to Pendleton- he never arrived.

PLEASE contact the San Diego Police Department- 619-531-2000 – if you know ANYTHING about his whereabouts!


**He may have been driving a 2004 charcoal gray #Ford #F150 extended cab!!

Both the local authorities and NCIS are aware that he is missing and missing person reports have been filed with both!!!! They do NOT believe he is AWOL and he is listed as a missing person.

#missing #missingperson #sandiego #California

We don’t have any answers; we only have questions. We are worried about him and just want him to be found safe and sound. We are circulating this photo in hopes that someone, somewhere has seen him!

San Diego News Story:

Facebook Page for TIPS and UPDATES: