Guardian of Valor: Kirk Guyette Uses Photos Of Fallen Marine To Catfish Women

Kirk Guyette

Kirk Guyette


Watertown, New York- A fan of our Facebook page sent us info last week on a fake profile set up using photo’s of Fallen Marine LCpl Blaise A Oleski. Blaise deployed to Afghanistan in November 2008, assigned to 3rd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, N.C. ; He passed on April 8, 2009 while supporting combat operations in Now Zad, Afghanistan.

The person who sent us the initial info also confronted Kirk on the fake page, he was also confronted by another female who went to meet him. She confirmed he was not the person in the photo’s on the page. Even though he claimed it was him and he had just gained weight.

Here is one of the first contact emails:



Kirk set up the fake page, which can be seen here – (Before he removes it) Fake Facebook. He began posting photo’s of Oleski claiming they were him, and trying to get female’s to come meet him. Well after one female did meet him, she became suspicious, as she told us, “He looked nothing like the guy in the photo”. He told this female he was wounded in combat, hurt his back, which caused him to gain weight.

In the screenshot below he is confronted on one fake photo he used of a guy from the Hunger Games:








Below he is confronted on the photo of the Fallen Marine:


So we began to do some investigating and well, let’s just say Kirk has an extensive criminal record, lots for Solicitation of Prostitution going back years. So no, he never served in the Marine Corps, and impersonating a Fallen Warrior to get laid is the lowest of the scum we have posted.

A simple Google search of his name turns up multiple articles on charges, here are a few:








Seems he also likes to steal alcohol, how about get a job!







Seems he also likes to force himself on women!



So as you can see above, Kirk has an extensive criminal history. So since he is such a scumbag, he decides to pretend to be something he could never amount to. He pretends to be a Marine, and uses the photos of one of our Fallen Marines to perpetuate his lie. I honestly hope this Marines family has not seen his fake profile yet, we are hoping too have it removed before they do.

Some of the evidence we have on this creep we can not post as of yet, we have turned everything over to the Watertown, NY. P.D. I hope they follow up on this as it is a prosecutable offense as we learned with Brandond Ashraf and his impersonation of Fallen Green Beret Matthew Pucino.

If anyone has info on this guy or his impersonation, send us an email through the contact tab or on our Facebook Page.

I am crossing my fingers that the Watertown, P.D. follows up on this. He has already removed some of the photos from the fake page, but some are still on it.

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