Photo MEME fun: Truth about $15 an Hour. Burger flippers worth it?


Before people get bent out of shape about hating on the  burger flippers or fast food employees. (saving from spit or other things in my burgers)   I’ve worked at various fast food chains before I was in the service or as I was joining the Army National Guard  in my life I’ve worked at McDonald’s, Burger King, and Taco Bell.  Yet the job is demanding and takes a lot out of you during your day and the management sucks and short staff the restaurant because they want to make bonus by cutting labor costs.  Really, I have seen this all, but seriously if anyone should be getting a major pay hike it’s those in Military service.  Though it’s not all about the money for the duty to country and more then ones self which most Veterans would all agree on.  Still if contractors doing the same job as those in the service are making $150,000  driving a truck and soldier driving a truck in a war zone only makes $25,000 a year.  There is something really seriously wrong with that and these contractors also conduct a huge amount of Fraud to make more money on the backs of U.S. Tax payers.

Alright enough of my rant on this let me close in saying.  If you think Fast food employees need a big pay raise look in other industries who are underpaid for the work they do like our fellow troops and  other employment fields then talk to me about a raise in money for Fast food employees.

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Founder and President of Trek To The Troops Served in the Army Nati0onal Guard for 9 years and US Army Reserves for 1.5 years. Served in Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003-2004.
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