(Photo by Air Force Msgt. Kevin Borden)

Update from #530slide in Oso, WA

(Photo Story from Washington National Guard Facebook page: Click here)
After pulling on a thin red string burried in a pile of debris from the Oso landslide, Staff Sgt. Michael Cohan from the 141st Civil Engineer Squadron based out of Fairchild Air Force Base in Washington Uncovers a tattered American flag and displays it proudly. (Photo by Air Force Msgt. Kevin Borden)

I wish I could go over there and personally shake each National Guardsman hand there. I’ve been on the ground after a natural disaster.  I was on the ground after Hurricane Katrina/Rita in New Orleans a month after the disaster and stayed a additional month after my Army National Guard unit returned home. Being a supply person I found i can be a benefit after my unit departed.  A few other soldiers of my unit also stayed behind a additional month working a food and water supply line at Belle Chase Naval Reserve base right in New Orleans.  It does take a lot out of you emotionally being inside the United States seeing a town or city here devastated by a natural disaster.