Video: Drunk off-duty deputy tries to arrest female soldier at bar when she wouldn’t go home with him

Wish we would have seen this sooner and was able to post it shortly after this happened.  Notice in the video how  many times that this off duty deputy touched her near her breasts while unlawfully detaining Female Marine.  If a private citizen or another service personnel that would have been a sexual assault on top of the Battery and Unlawful detainment.  What would he have done with her if he was able to take her out of the restaurant.   Others there  while the one person recorded the altercation should have stepped in more I see the few attempts by them to get him to stop.


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Published on Oct 15, 2013…

COLUMBIA, SC — A drunken sheriff’s deputy was recorded during a strange and inappropriate altercation when he tried to arrest a female soldier at a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Columbia.

On October 7th, 23-year-old Brittany Ball, a USMC member out of Fort Jackson, was allegedly upset at the restaurant when approached by Richland County Deputy Paul Allen Derrick. She apparently turned down his advances and the two began to argue.

Derrick, a 17 year veteran, left the restaurant to go retrieve handcuffs and his gun from his vehicle, then returning to try and arrest Ball. He was recorded screaming at her and barking orders as he twisted her arms behind her back.

Columbia police arrived and saw the video and ordered Derrick release Ball, then took Derrick into custody and charged him with assault and battery

Sheriff Leon Lott initially backed Derrick, saying that he had authority to make an arrest, suggesting that Ball was “resisting”.

After a week of pressure and reasoning, Sheriff Lott placed Derrick on leave without pay.

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