Steven Styblo; VFW phony POW

Steven Styblo; VFW phony POW


| March 8, 2014


Steven Styblo

Scotty sends us his work on this lowlife POS, Steven Styblo, in Phoenix. Styblo got into the VFW with these phony documents;


Steven Styblo WTFSteven Styblo WTF2

Yeah, POW, like that’s not hard to check. Actually, our buddy, Mike McGrath, you know, a real Vietnam POW and President of NAM-POWs says that he’s FOS, too. Now, Styblo is running for Post Commander at the local VFW. They might be a little surprised by his actual records;


Steven Styblo FOIA

Yeah, not only did he NOT serve during the Vietnam War, he didn’t even make it out of the recruiting center. Never went to Basic Training. His only service (if you can call it that) was in the Delayed Entry Program. He was never even issued his uniforms. He probably raised his hand and promised to serve, but then never did. But who needs to serve when you can just make shit up, put lies on a piece of paper and everyone believes you?


Nice screening process you have there, VFW.

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  1. What is Styblo’s VFW Post number? I cant read the number on his cap. An investigation within the VFW will be started.

  2. Samuel Weber says:

    Post 15003

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