Back to the Future Hover Boards Fact of Fake, Check it out.

Being that I am a Science Fiction and I grew up on the Back to the Future movies this idea of the Hover Board being a real posibility very exciting just a few weeks ago I was having a talk while Watching Back to the Future II about what have happen and hasn’t happen in 2015 Technology seen when Doc Brown, Mary Mcfly and his Girlfriend goes October 21, 2015 from 1985.  It’s really amazing how much stuff actually come true and what stuff we are missing,  Flying Cars and Hover Boards.

Well this website sprung up with a cast of celebrities including Christopher Lloyd.  It shows a company call HUVr and has a very realistic company website and video promoting the Hover Boards,  but is it fake, is it a publicity stunt for something bigger, maybe leading to a Back to the Future IV?    Hard to tell,  Check out the website  If it’s a hoax it’s a really entertaining one.   Some of the stars making a Pro Skater Boarder Tony Hawk,  Singer Moby, Football Athlete Terrell Owens, Rap Artist Schoolboy Q,  and Actress Agness Bruckner all taking turns riding and experiencing the Hover board.

Well from what we have found on this, is it is a Hoax a video from Funny or Die,  Here’s a link to the story: Link to Story about this all being a Fake

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