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As if the last few days haven’t been exciting enough in our little Stolen Valor community, JD at Professional Soldiers sends us his work on Robert Joseph Bensh, the Executive Director of Cossack Energy Ltd. in the Ukraine. After an interview today, Robert has been a busy little beaver scrubbing any references to his imagined military from the internet where he could. Unfortunately, I got word of his pretend service too late to screen capture any of his profile information, but JD got the text portion. For example, his Facebook profile used to have this little entry on his résumé;

United States Army Special Forces
1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta
Operation Red Wings
75th Ranger Regiment

Fortunately for us, he wasn’t able to scrub journalist reports of his claims like this one from Source Watch

Robert Bensh Source Watch
And this one from Ukrainian Energy;

Robert Bensh Ukraine Oil headerRobert Bensh Ukraine Oil
This is what his Twitter profile looked like before he scrubbed it (thanks to GDContractor)

Robert Bensh Twitter lie
So here is his FOIA;

Robert Bensh FOIA
And his assignments;

Robert Bensh Assignments
It looks like he failed out of National Guard OCS after a couple of years of being an Infantryman. It also looks like he was called to active duty to go to after Desert Shield/Desert Storm, but didn’t deploy (no South West Asia Service Medal) and then he was discharged in 1993. I don’t see anything that would even come close to Special Forces or Ranger, let alone Delta. Well, thanks to JD, the truth is out there now so that Mister Oil Tycoon, here, doesn’t fool anyone else about his truthfulness.

Personally, I wouldn’t trust him as an Executive Director of my expensive oil company if he can’t tell the truth about his honorable career in the E-4 Mafia.

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