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Feb 18, 2014 10:30 PM by Erin Steuber  of www.katc.com
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A Lafayette family is wondering why their homeowner’s association is asking them to remove a banner welcoming home their son, and father, from deployment.


Petty Officer Third Class Anthony Marsiglia is stationed out of Norfolk, VA but is currently deployed on an aircraft carrier, and due home in the next few weeks. The family left a sign hanging outside their home for that reason in the Frenchman’s Creek subdivision in Lafayette. Now, the family has taken the sign down after an attorney with the homeowner’s association told them to do so.


welcomehomebannerIt’s been four years and this Lafayette family is ready to welcome their hero home, and from a map in the family’s home it’s obvious Petty Officer Third Class Anthony Marsiglia has been everywhere but home.


“I miss him and I’m proud of him. I wish he wasn’t in the Navy,” said Alex his 8 year-old daughter.


Alex was four years old when her dad left for the Navy and it’s become a way of life for the whole family.


“He’s out there and he’s left his daughter, that’s hard already for him. This is how she keeps him in her heart everyday and clearly, if you see the house, it’s a homage to her daddy,” said his mother Judi Pellegran.


A chance for the family to celebrate everything he’s missed.


“I love him big,” said Alex.


But last month the family was shocked to get that letter from the homeowner’s association.


“I’m just not quite understanding why it can’t stay up and they haven’t been able to explain that to me either,” said Pellegran.


The attorney for the homeowner’s association declined an on camera interview, but did forward a response. It stated the sign can be up two weeks before he gets home and two weeks after, but no other explanation was given.


“I would think that anyone would honor that and that’s certainly the way we feel. We just want the world to know how proud we are of him,” said Pellegran.


The letter the family received referred them to a section of their homeowner rules, which deals with size requirements for signs. It’s the only part where signs are mentioned. The requirement bans signs from being larger than 24-by-36 inches, but the Pellegran family’s sign fits within those dimensions. We’ve asked the attorney for the homeowner’s association to clarify why the family was asked to take the sign down since it they have complied, but they declined comment.

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