Trending online: Funeral Dishonor Guards. Wis. National Guard

1392744722000-021714WisconsinGuard4There has been a photo going around through Facebook and various website of Army National Guard Soldiers from Wisconsin and Various of States. The Soldier that put the photo online has been suspended from Honor Guard Detail until further investigations.

Read the Captions they speak for itself.

Read the Captions they speak for itself.

Christopher Mulrooney Trek to the Troops Founder “I think they should all loose their job working Honor Guard Detail.   I’ve worked Honor Guard Details for the State of Arizona Army National Guard and conducted 21 Gun Salute during funeral services.  These soldiers in these photo were not living up to the duties that they are to perform. ”

In the caption of the Photo they put the Fun in Funeral.    There’s no

fun when it’s laying to rest someone that has served.  “I was always told do funeral honors as if it was done for your loved ones, such as your father or how you would have yours be done. ”  Said Christopher Mulrooney.


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