Historical News Nugget: First Submarine used in War

When do you think the first use of Submarine warfare was used during war, if you said The Great War (WWI) or World War II (WWII)  your way wrong.  If you said Civil War, your a bit closer,  but nope the CSS (Confederate Sub) H. L. Hunley which successfully sank the USS-Houstainic.  Was the first to have multiple member crew, but not the first sub.  Nope go back almost 1 hundred years before.   In the Revolutionary War the Colonies which became the United States of America.  turtle_essex

The Submarine was created by Yale Graduate David Bushnell 1771-1775.   It was the First Submarine to be used for Combat operations.   the ability to submerge; the ability to maneuver under water; the ability to maintain an adequate air supply to support the operator of the craft; and the ability to carry out effective offensive operations against an enemy surface vessel.

Find more information about the Bushnell Turtle Submarine check out the United States Naval History website:  www.history.navy.mil/library/online/sub_turtle.htm

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