Updated Replies to Jay “The Major Fraud” Kerwin’s Statement about the doubters of his claims.


In responses to the following statement, I have written my comments in RED



Jay Kerwin, a U.S. Air Force veteran and well–‐respected fitness expert has recently been accused of breaking the United States Stolen Valor Act by an activist group who allege Jay claimed to be a U.S. Navy SEAL.  As a result of third–‐party misinformation, which served as the basis of these accusations, Jay and his wife and business partner Marcella have been subjected to harassment, threats and online–‐bullying.

Bullying? Telling people the truth about someone is not Bullying. The complains you have about people calling the home number, may or may not be real, should be reported to the police. That is wrong. To call all who bring facts about a fake Navy SEAL and US Air Force Pararescueman, is not Bullying.

In an effort to repudiate these attacks, we present the following facts:

 You are not presenting any facts. You just made a statement with no supporting documents. Then sent it unsigned. Never in this unsigned statement did you address anything that was posted.  I will address the points you made and give supporting documents to my point of view. If what is presented is wrong, PLEASE send your supporting documents. You stated Jay is a fitness “expert” how so?? Does he have a college degree? A completion of training certificate? How is he an expert? Explain.

1) Jay Kerwin is a U.S. Air  Force veteran (documentation available upon request)

YES, documentation, in form of his DD Form 214, is being requested. (Understand that a fake DD Form 214 is a federal crime and can be prosecuted.) Here’s another question. Being an US Air Force veteran, does Jay Kerwin belong to any military ogranizations?  The American Legion? The VFW? The AMVETS?  His membership card would be nice to see too.

2) Jay Kerwin was accused of not being in the Air Force Pararescue program. He did in fact complete the U.S. Air Force Pararescue training pipeline up to Pararescue school (documentation upon request; contact information for his commanding officer confirming this information can also be furnished upon  request)

No, Jay was not accuse of not being in the program. Jay is accused of saying he GRADUTED the program. Attending the program is NOT the same as graduating. See below. You FIRST have to complete the ENTIRE training and then you EARN that title.




LD Jeffries was Jay’s Instructor, LD Jeffries short BIO 

NCOIC Air OpsUSAF Pararescue School1992 – 1994 (2 years)

Director  PararescuemanUSAF RETIRED1979 – 1994 (15 years)

PararescuemanUSAF  1974 – 1994 (20 years)

Team Leader, Jumpmaster, Divemaster, Flight Instructor, Flight Evaluator, NCOIC

PJUSAF  1974 – 1994 (20 years)

This is what he states. By the way, he is still active in the Pararescue field. 99 precent of all pararesuce personnel know and admire Retired USAF SMSgt Jeffries. So, I’m guessing he’s a liar too. Please show documents.


PARARESCUE ACCOMPLISHMENTS  Entered Air Force Basic Training in late 1992 at Lackland AFB, he successfully graduated the indoctrination Course. He went through year–‐long CCT/PJ pipeline of training, as it is called, attended Airborne School at Ft. Benning GA, Survival School at Fairchild AFB, Water Survival School also at Fairchild AFB, HALO School at Ft Bragg NC (before it moved to Yuma), Water Egress School, Pensacola NAS. Scuba School at Pearl Harbor NAS, His last stop in the pipeline

was Pararescue School at Kirtland AFB in New Mexico, where the program ended for him at the age of 19, as a result of a bad decision involving steroids for which he took responsibility for in Charleston, SC. not Ft Leavenworth as many have posted. Jay Kerwin’s DD  214 discharge papers of 20 years ago are not showing any of the schools he attended fueling the activist claims against him as they are also being made public on social networks, thus his commanding officer is available and willing to verify

his military background.

This is confusing. In according with his Freedom of Information Release, below, Jay went into the Air Force in late 1992 and was in jail by Aug 1993. Having to complete basic training before going to Pararescue training, how is it that he didn’t complete a year of training before being arrested?   His ONLY completed training was BASIC. Having completed BASIC, say 6 to 8 weeks. That would put him in Pararescue aroung March 1993. He was in Jail in Aug 1993. If it’s an one year course, how is this possible?? He was in Hawaii? At the Navy Station there? Love to know his instructor’s name. Or even the dates he was there.




3) Jay Kerwin has been referred to as a United States Navy Seal by third party websites, which is much of the basis of the recent attacks by the people accusing him of breaking the Stolen Valor Act.  This is misinformation that he was unaware of until these recent accusations.  He has reached out to these third party sites to remove that misinformation.

Jay has been Alex Arnold personal trainer for many years. As stated on his web page, for Jay to say he didn’t know or has never said he was a Navy SEAL. That is just to hard to believe. Any person who is advertising himself would at least review what people are saying about him. With Jay being in the public eye, it doesn’t make any sense that he would not want to see what people are saying about him. Especially, the ones he is training.

4) Though the recent accusations charge Jay Kerwin of breaking the Stolen Valor act, even the false information he is accused of does not break the Stolen Valor Act.  Details of the Stolen Valor Act can be found here: http://beta.congress.gov/bill/113th/house–‐bill/258

Really? You think that Stolen Valor is only about wearing medals? Stolen Valor is more than just claiming you won or earned something you didn’t. Stolen Valor is telling people you served this country and did things that are not true. There are to many men and women in uniform that fough so hard for this country. The SEALS, Pararescueman and Rangers that faught even harder for America. To have some jerk telling people he was one of the elite fighting force that this country has…THAT is stolen valor and “should” be a federal crime too. As true veterans, we respect all our brothers and sisters for all they gave. To claim you were one of them, that is just disgusting.


5) Jay Kerwin has successfully run Boot Camp LA since 2000, garnering positive business response, tremendous positive press coverage, and positive community support. As sometimes happens, information gets reported incorrectly. Very few people know of Pararescue and Combat Control, particularly relative to the great fame of the Navy SEALs.  In describing Pararescue to those with blank stares, Jay Kerwin has on occasion stated that the Pararescue Program is the Air Force’s version of the SEALs.

While it serves well as a logical comparison, It is his belief that this comparison may be the source of the confusion. It has never been put on any social media or his own website, that he was a Navy SEAL.

 As a source of this confusion. Really?  See below. Better get your dates straight. Here you say since 2000, on a page you say 2003, on another it’s 2001. All these “positive” press coverage, community support where is it? Show me one that doesn’t have a lie in it. All Jay has done it used his “lies” to establish a business based on his lies.

Online saved version of his website from 2001-2003 with the above being stated.

Online saved version of his website from 2001-2003 with the above being stated.

Having review California licenses and certifications there are no record of Jay Kerwin being certified as an EMT Medic,SCRUB, Skydiver or Pilot. There is record of Jay having a Student Pilot permit in 1999. Now the FAA states that people convicted of a FELONY related to drugs CANNOT get a Pilot license.

Having contacted the bodybuilding competition sponsors in California, INFB and INBF, Jay Kerwin name doesn’t show up on any “recent” Championships. Steroid free or not. The last anyone remembers Jay was in 2000-2003 at a beginner. He might have won in his class, but NEVER Overall anything.

Having checked with the Junior Olympics there is NO listing of Jason Jay Kerwin anywhere. Or any Kerwin anywhere.

So let me see, this is all a “big misunderstanding” on the media part. Jay never said these things. He is not nor has he ever told anyone he was a Commando.

Once a person is questioned about his or her statemtents and it’s found out to be “misleading”, everything that person said comes under question.

6) As part of the camaraderie building at Boot Camp LA, participants are called “recruits.”  Jay refers to himself as “The Major” and Marcella refers to herself as  “The Lieutenant” solely in the context of Boot Camp LA.  As participants continue through Boot Camp LA they can rise though the “ranks” from private to general.  These ranks are all used in fun and in no way are meant to infer or bestow actual military value.

Stating that you were in the US Air Force, stating or giving the misinformation about being a commando and wearing a Major pin, would give any civilan an idea that you were a Major in the US Air Force.

7) Boot Camp LA is a long–‐respected member of the community and of the Miracle Mile Chamber of Commerce.  Boot Camp LA has donated free sessions to numerous non–‐profit groups through the years to help those groups with fundraising and has worked hard to establish a fitness company and business in which the focus on exercise, nutrition, positive lifestyles and healthy living and have helped many people achieve extraordinary physical goals.

Boot Camp LA is what? That has to be proven. Please provide infromation showing that Boot Camp LA is donated free sessions, what groups, dates and for how long. You charge people more than what other boot camps or fitness centers charge. When other places are asked, they say that is because your boot camp is run by a Major Commando from the US Air Force.  So tell me again how you ARE well respected in the community.

8) For more information or clarification, please contact  info@bootcampla.com

As stated at the beginning of your “statement” if more documentation is needed to write to this email.  So I’m writing and requesting clarification on the documents presented.

Thank you

Since you don’t want to sign your statement, why the heck should I sign this one. Let the facts speak for themselves.


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5 Responses to Updated Replies to Jay “The Major Fraud” Kerwin’s Statement about the doubters of his claims.

  1. Bill says:

    Every time you email him with questions he contacts the LAPD and claims you’re harassing him. He’s a fake and he knows it. Everything on the link he claims is FALSE!!!

  2. Bill says:

    Any updates on this jerk??

  3. PRC D.J.Conway USN ret. says:

    As a 22 yr Navy veteran I find it disgusting that an American Hero like L.D. should ever have to read this mans lies. This Kerwin should be in Jail.

  4. Garry King says:

    Hey Guys and Gals… I am a vet… Airborne Ranger. 1/75th. I know Jay, he him self told me he was a Seal, after I told him I was a Ranger. I did call him out, “Hey Jay, this is Garry King, remember me, you told me you where a Seal as I told you I was a Ranger. Guess what Jay one of us was lying and it was not me” He did call me back and said PJ school is just like Buds, I told jay… the problem is each branch of the service has their own special ops, Rangers do not do Seals work, just like Seals do not do what Rangers do. What a complete piece of shit….

  5. LD knows who this is says:

    FYI – The L.D. Jeffries in question that said all this stuff about a “slimy grip” is BS. Lockland Douglas Jeffries was told he couldnt reenlist because he too spent time in “jail”. For molesting his step-daughter. He talks about valor, he has none. Ask any of his numerous ex-wives, or the children hes molested. Wow, if i were you I’d distance yourself from him. Maybe you should look into the lives of those “BRAVE HEROS” that sling stones. Any real PJ wouldnt give LD the time of day.

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