Stolen Valor: Jay (Jason) The Major Fraud Kerwin Lies Pile up

This is an article update for Jason Kerwin aka Jay Kerwin “The Major” which we are now calling “The Major Fraud” since a few days ago when Retired Navy Seal Senior Chief Don Shipley outted Jay for being a liar and Stolen Valor thief.  More information has been piling up about this individual.


A Facebook page has been created titled “Veterans against Jay Kewrin of Bootcamp LA.  (Link)
The page had been created to help discover more lies and information about Jay Kewrin and Bootcamp LA and has been uncovering more of his lies and misleading as Jay Kewrin has stated.

More Lies and Hiding his lies now:

Since being uncovered, Jason Kerwin has been going online and changing his resume to hide the fact he is liar and fraud. He has also made several changes on his website and Facebook pages (probably since he’s been lying to perspective clients and to the media). Jay Kerwin claims that the media misreported his military record on TV and in print. Why would the media report this unless Mr. Kerwin told them?  It’s interesting that he didn’t correct them after the segment aired or tell them he wasn’t a Navy Seal and failed to complete his Para-rescue Jumper Training. Not to mention the fact that he failed to report that he spent the majority of his service in military prison for the sale and distribution of steroids to his fellow airmen during the time he claimed to have been in Special Operations.  “Excuse me Major Fraud but what sort of Special Operations missions were you involved in while inside military prison?”

……and more lies:

(For the fun of it play this Song from the Sex Pistols as you read the information below)


We checked his claims of being an EMT, Scuba Diver, Jr Olympics Champion Pilot, and 2 time INBF Body Building Champion.  We will now address these claims made on his website for Bootcamp LA one at a time.

Claim 1: Certified EMT

LIE: (Not proven to be fact):  It is easy to check this claim to see if factual or not.  We’ve searched his name on California’s website to see if his name comes up as a Certified EMT. You can also check for yourself.  We looked up his name on the website and no certificate in either Jason or Jay Kewrin shows up.

Claim 2: Pilot

Lie:  (Not proven to be Fact):  The FAA website was checked to see if his name came up to verify a license. After searching for Jay or Jason Kewrin no license was found.  If you need to see it for yourself check him out on here:

Claim 3: Jr Olympics Champ

Lie: (Proven not to be Truth):  Jr Olympics keeps records and displays champs on their website.  When searched his name did not appear. Jr Olympics archive their records dating back to 1984. This is the time line that Jay claims to have been a champ. You can see and check for yourself on:

Claim 4: Two-Time National Body Building Champion INBF (steroid Free) Champ

Lie: (Not proven to be Fact):  We searched his name on their website.  Mr. Kewrin isn’t on their list of winners on the website.



I don’t think there is a single word of truth that comes from “Jay the Major Frauds” mouth.   Everything mentioned on the Boot Camp LA website in the “about me” section is proving to be lies so far.

jaykewrinThe day after:

The day after the video came out from Retired Navy Seal Don Shipley, due to the pressure and reaction from the Veterans Community, Jay Kewrin put out a disclaimer on his website. This disclaimer was removed from the front page of his website after only one day


TO JAY KEWRIN:   We are not giving up. We will not forget that you have stolen the Valor of our real Heroes, the quiet professionals of the Special Operations Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen.  We are not letting up and will continue to let people know the truth that you are using lies to advertise and promote your place of business. You are using lies to become a Celebrity Trainer and get International Praise for being a Fitness Leader. Turn in that rank your wearing. It’s over for you Major Fraud. We will not let up telling the world the truth about you and your lies.

We’ve even dedicated a Category in your honor “The Major Fraud”

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  1. Scott Parkhurst says:

    Thanks for pointing out what an a$$ this guy truly is. I just ask that when you mention special operations forces, you don’t forget to include that fifth branch of the service: Coast Guard. There are Coast Guard SEALs.

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