Our Friend Natalija Nogulich on Criminal Minds Episode This Wednesday

I wanted to share this Facebook posting from Trek to the Troops Supporter/Friend   Natalija Nogulich will be in a featured part on tomorrows episode of “Criminal Minds”   Natalija played in Star Trek The Next Generation and Star Trek Deep Space Nine as Admiral Alynna Nechayev.  She has worked with Trek to the Troops on two of our Meet ~N~ Greets at the Bob Hope Hollywood USO at LAX and also shipped out many personalized care packages to the Troops serving overseas.
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! You don’t want to miss this week’s episode of CRIMINAL MINDS Wednesday evening at 9pm Pacific Time on CBS. “Yours truly” is in the show! Yes! AND it’s filled with other Chicago actors – all wonderful. As if that’s not enough, (Chicago) Joe Mantegna, the show’s star directed it. We all had a great time, and I know you will too when you tune in! Blessings! Enjoy!

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