Fox new Comedy “Enlisted” Preimiered on January 10th.


By: Christopher Mulrooney

Enlisted on FOX website:

Not sure if you seen it, but Fox new Comedy show “Enlisted” Premiered on Friday..  The Back story of this show is The Hill brothers who are sons of a Army Soldiers he didn’t return home.  The three of them grew up and became soldiers as well.   The eldest brother is more squared away soldier while the two others more misfit then soldiers. They get assigned to a Special Rear Detachment unit of the base and the craziness goes on from there.  Originally the show was to premier in November but was held back a bit by Fox.

The main actors spent 3 days at Fort Bliss, Texas to go through some of the things soldiers would go through in Basic Training to learn from soldiers how to become soldiers.

It was a chance that Hollywood actors get a little taste of military life.

There’s a group which I belong to called Veterans of Film and Television that does the reverse helping network to US Military Veterans called Veterans of Film and Television.  (VFT) which was formed two years ago this month.  Some VFT members work behind the scenes of Enlisted as Military Advisers helping the show keep a somewhat realistic apearance but keep the comedy show intact.

mash-showEnlisted is deffently not the first to take military life and make a comedy of it, think back a few decades with the hit running show M*A*S*H which took us into the life of the 4077 MASH unit in the Korean war, which was only three years but the show lasted a decade from 1972 to 1983 also created a short lived spin offs, “After MASH” and legally another spin off from the MASH movie was “Trapper John, M.D”




There have been other Military Comedy based from WWII German Prison Camp where prisoners make a fool out of their Prison Camp Commander in “Hogan’s Heros”

I’m sure there are many other shows out there to name, but just using these two as a example if you have others to name please leave a comment and share.

The only one advice I would give the Actors who are acting as soldiers,  get a hair cut! Other then that a lot of fun and silliness.


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