Pose/Phony of the Week Goes to: Christina Chrisssy Axtman (Our first featured Female)

Christina Chrissy Axtman Lies About Killing Female Bomber And Bronze Star

We were sent an article from the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Press paper from November 10th 2013. In this article they interviewed what they believed to be an Iraqi War Veteran, and Wounded Warrior, Christina “Chrissy” Axtman.

As I began to read the story, red flags started flying. The person that emailed me said that Christina was telling everyone her story, and how she had earned the Bronze Star for Valor while deployed with the 173rd Airborne to Iraq in 2007. Notice the paper calls it a Division not a Brigade, although they operate as a Division they are not. I am not sure if this was her statement or just a mistake by the editor.

Not only that, but according to the 173rd’s Deployment history, in 2006 the Brigade was notified for a second tour of duty in Iraq from 2007 to 2008, but its deployment plan was changed to Afghanistan in February 2007 when the Pentagon announced that it would relieve the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division along with the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division. In the spring of 2007, the 173rd again deployed to Afghanistan, as Task Force Bayonet, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF 07–09). So the 173rd was not even in Iraq for the time frame she claims she was with them.

Operation Iraqi Freedom Iraq 2003–2004
Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan 2005–2006
Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan 2007–2008
Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan 2009–2010

This is just an excerpt of the deployments, but as you can see, not in Iraq in 07.

Below is the article as it appeared on November 10th 2013, one day before Veterans day. Also note, that the paper began getting questions from Veterans because her story did not add up, and they printed another article on the 17th. In this article they contacted the National Guard unit she was originally assigned to, they said she was put out of basic because of an injury. They asked Christina and she stuck to her original story, claiming she went back and finished basic and went Active Duty.




So as you can see above she claims she worked tower guard at Taji, well according to the historical records of Camp Taji, the 756th Transportation Company pulled this duty, along with the 1st Cav. The 1st Cavalry Division was in control of the base during the time she claims. see quote below.

September 2006 to September 2007. 115 FA of the Tennessee Army National Guard operated from Bldg. 55 providing gun truck security to supply convoys throughout the region. Also in 2007, The 756th Transportation Company (Petroleum, Oils, and Lubricants), while stationed at Camp Taji, Iraq, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 05–07, successfully delivered millions of gallons of class IIIB (bulk petroleum) and transported fuel over 200,000 miles throughout the Multinational Division-Baghdad sector. This was possible because of the skills the 756th developed in theater that allowed the unit to transform organically to react to opposing forces. Included in the delivery of Petroleum the soldiers of the 756th aided in Security of the FOB (Forward Operating Base on tower patrol as well as dinning facility security.)


The 173rd left Iraq in 2006, and when they returned to Italy they were transformed into the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team.


She also claims that her car accident occurred because she was used to driving a Humvee in Iraq. She said “Instead of braking, she hit the clutch, because she was used to driving Humvee’s”. When did Humvee’s become straight drive vehicles?

Here is the next part of the article, where she claims to have been shot and her NCOIC killed beside her in an IED.

Capture11 Its one thing to lie about serving, but to me its a whole new ball game when you begin to tell lies about other Soldier’s perishing. And I am also wondering how the bullet “hit beneath her vest, just inches from her heart”. The vest is specifically made to protect the vital organs, especially the heart, hence the plates in front and back. So the bullet had to have penetrated the plates, or traveled some weird path up her vest. Not to mention she would have gotten a Purple Heart for being shot by the enemy.

Below is the article printed on the 17th of November, soon after the paper began getting a lot of questions from Veterans because the article seemed so far-fetched. Even after this evidence she still stuck to her story.



So we decide to go see if Axtman was still sticking by her story after this was published, here is what we found on her Facebook page.

Below she tries to say the paper did not dig deep enough, that she did get released from basic due to an injury, but that she went back and joined Active duty.


Below is her “Bronze Star”, I wonder where she bought this? Maybe at clothing sales when she married another Soldier?  She claims that because the birth certificate of her children shows they were born elsewhere like Fort Riley and Italy, this proves she served. But this is only because she Married a service member, whom I won’t name here.


(One of our fans sent us the link to where this photo came from, seems she snagged it off of wikipedia. You can see the original photo here: Bronze Star Medal Used On Her Facebook Thanks John for finding this)

So we sent out requests to several of our contacts within the Military to make sure she truly had not served beyond a few weeks in basic. Here was the response we received via our request to the Active Duty side of the house:


So Christina, this is the Official response from Department of the Army, this would include any Delayed Entry Programs and Medical Holdover time. But let me guess they are wrong as well because your records and deployment are Top Secret and no one can access them? I mean that is the usual response I get. But I can assure you, your Bronze Star is just as fake as your deployment to Iraq with “The Herd”.

And according to the Idaho National Guard, she was injured in a training accident in Basic training, and they also have no record of her deploying.

1. You never finished Basic Training, you were discharged due to a training injury.

2. You never deployed anywhere, you may have been to Italy , thanks to your ex-husband who did serve.

3. You did not earn a Bronze Star w/Valor for saving anyone in Iraq.

4. You were NOT shot in the chest while engaging the enemy!

5. You did not have your SGT die in an IED strike.

6. You did not wreck your vehicle because you thought you were driving a Humvee, Humvee’s only have two peddles.


This is not you being scrutinized as the paper said, we are calling you out. You are a liar, and a fake. You have dishonored those who have served in combat, and those who have lost their lives for this country.

Do what is right and come forward and tell the truth for once in your life. And before you go do something worse, remember it is a Federal Offense to forge or alter a DD214.


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