Stolen Valor Poser is at it again, Arrested and released Danny Russell Crane still up to his same tricks

Danny Russell Crane



Here is a poser who loves attention, one of our researchers Fredx has been working his ass off getting the information on this guy. He worked in conjunction with Mary from POWnetwork to get this investigation done. Danny Russell Crane, he claims to have been to no fewer than 8 deployments or no more than 15 to the middle east, besides his many awards he also likes to show off a Distinguished Flying Cross, he had actually slipped past their screening process, but has since been confirmed as a fake and taken from their list of recipients. He also has several alias’s that he uses, aka Dan Crane “Doc” .aka Donnie Crane and aka Russell Crane.

Also has a criminal Record:

Harassment, ID Theft, Fraud, failure to appear and more
Nov 20, 2000 sentenced to 12 months

April 28, 2003 sentenced to 18 months

May 21, 2007 sentenced to 18 months

March 26, 2008 sentenced to 18 months

May 30, 2008 – sentenced to 24 months.

Here is the response Mrs. Mary got from the Distinguished Flying Cross Society:

June 18, 2012

Hello Mary,

Thanks for the email notice on Crane. After researching with the information you provided he is one in the same wannabee. Unfortunately he got past our checks, but it’s corrected now and he is removed from our database and website….

He should have never made our database because he sent us a check that bounced because the account was closed. That alone should have raised a few flags to warrant a closer look, …. it got past us.

Thank you for your fine work as this is the 2nd wannabee you’ve uncovered for us.

If we can be of any further assistance just ask.

But that’s not the worst part of what this jackass has done, he also stole the story of a Marine that stood guard outside a 12yr old kids hospital room. The kid, Cody Green, was suffering from terminal cancer and his only wish in life was to become a Marine. So the Marine corps granted his wish, made him an honorary member, and presented him with a set of Marine Navigator wings. But for one Marine, that was not enough. The night before the child passed away, the Marine stood guard outside the young Honorary Marines door. And Crane stole this story and made it his own….you can see that here..Cranes Fake Story

Seems he can not decide if he want’s to be a Soldier or a Marine???

This is a picture of the real Marine who stood guard outside little Cody’s room until he passed.

He also faked a Military and a VA Identification card.

And it gets better…he also Forged a DD214!

But we have this heroes real records.




This douche also showed up at a Soldiers funeral awhile back, claiming he was a friend. One of the family members recognized him for the poser he was, an asked him to leave.

Here is his email in case you want to let him know how we appreciate his service.

We even have some video he made of himself on his countless tours overseas!!!

You can see his other videos by visiting his Youtube account as long as it is still up. Danny’s Youtube

He also swindled “Vacations for Veterans” out of a free trip to Hawaii to see Pearl Harbor!

Vacations for Veterans

You can also see him on our friends sites at Thisainthell and POWnetwork.

Thanks to our Admin FREDX and Mrs Mary from POWnetwork for all their hard work on this douchenozzle!

And now here is the album we have put together of some pictures and Facebook snapshots.

Update on Mr. Crane, Fox News from his home town has done a story on him. He will never be able to pull this again.He is forever in the hall of shame!


Here is the link to the write-up…Danny Crane Stolen Valor


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