Stolen Valor Subject: Johnny B. Sky is Falling around him even Family Against him


John Elmo Sheppard Jr from Shelby, NC, AKA Johnny Bea or as we nicked named him Johnny “Fat Faced” Bea

On Veteran’s Day week we posted, posts about the video going around from someone named Johnny B.  His real name is John Elmo Sheppard Jr.  from Shelby, North Carolina.  He posted these Terrible videos bashing Veterans and the troops,  I’m sorry us at Trek to the Troops are not going to take that, and we are not going to staying quiet about it.  We are also members and friends of the group that started going after him VAJ,  Veterans Against Johnny on Facebook and at the time of this article 1,533 Likes and climbing and was all started the night before Veterans Day.  More attention was brought to light because of the group even the hackltivist group  Anonymous joined in on Johnny as well, hacking his Facebook site and filling his Facebook walls with messages. Even his Sister joined on the VAJ group to Condemn her brothers’ actions, but does this stop him, nope he continues spreading his Filth messages on the web. Even Sympathizing with convicted Pedophiles which makes most wonder if he may be one, but that is just conjecture at this point.

We found this funny Animated video about our Fat Faced Foe,  Johnny B.

If you hadn’t seen the Original videos you can check out our previous posting: Post 1 about Phony Veteran and Post 2. 

If you have anything to ad about him please feel free to comment.

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9 Responses to Stolen Valor Subject: Johnny B. Sky is Falling around him even Family Against him

  1. Lady Glock says:

    I would never have thought there would be someone like this out there. I thank every veteran or current serving military person I see, and my children do too…I pray we never see this creep!

  2. anon says:

    he needs to be erradicated from the interwebz

  3. Lady Glock says:

    I wanted to let you know that you used a word incorrectly on this blog. “Condone” means “to forgive or approve, support or allow”. “Condemn” would be the correct word for your blog.

  4. Anonymous says:

    We know where you are John John the hut, the hammer is coming down porky.

  5. Jared says:

    This is mostly all of the information avail:

    Hopefully he chokes himself to death soon
    John Elmo Sheppard Jr

    223 New Bethel Church Rd
    Lawndale, NC 28090-9452

    Cell phone number for now

    former address:

    Maple Valley Dr
    Shelby, NC 28152

    Associated Names –
    John Sheppard
    John Elmo Sheppard
    John Paye Sheppard
    john bea

    land (i guess he owns some land)

    s view of his land –

    Parcel No.: 3895 Calculated Acres: 0.8452537561
    since 7-30-2004
    prior owner: Habitat for Humanity

    online platforms

    youtube –
    youtube back up –
    an other youtube –
    facebook –
    pinterest –
    google plus 1 –
    google plus 2 –
    google plus 3 –
    twitter –
    myspace –
    email –
    voter reg

    family info

    mother betty Sheppard:
    His Conservative Pastor Uncle Daniel Shoemaker:
    brother steven sheppard;
    sister: Betty Shelton: brother-in-law jeffery jack shelton:
    nephew cody shelton:

    Deceased Father:
    John Elmo Sheppard
    b. march 15 1927 / d. march 19 2004
    LAWNDALE NC 28090

    Deceased Sister-
    Wanda Frances Kay Sheppard age 41 went to be with the Lord on Wednesday May 18, 2011, at Carolina Medical Center in Charlotte, Born Aug. 18, 1969, in Charlotte.


    google earth addess,-81.5448158,61m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x885727c7616aeee5:0xd0702c157700da30

  6. Rory Breaker says:

    Just give me his address. Dig deeper, don’t quit. I live 4hrs. from Shelby. I’ll can end this/him quickly. I’m not joking, I’m an angry pissed off veteran and I’m not afraid to kill again. Please find his address for me

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