Bonus Faker/Phony of the Week: Robert C. Slaymaker-Johnson; phony Marine

From our Friends at This Ain’t Hell

November 15th, 2013

Johnson in Blues
Robert C. Slaymaker-Johnson is a very special kind of phony – he has no military service, but he stopped in to a Marine recruiting station in Green Bay to have them straighten out his rack, so he has them all in order;

johnson Uniforms 7
But Mary and the Marines who he visited checked on him and he has no military service, least of all with the Marines. Jerry, who sent us the tip says that the Marines also snatched some of his phony gear – “The recruiter confiscated numerous uniform items including a Drill Instructor Campaign Cover and Duty Belt. The recruiter advised that Slaymaker-Johnson appeared at the USMC recruiting office and requested a Marine inspect his uniform as he was preparing to march in the Memorial Day parade. He was apparently interviewed in uniform by WFRV TV although the link appears to be down.

The pictures appear to have been taken at a recruiting office.

This post has been languishing in my “Drafts” folder since mid-June, so it gives me great pleasure to present his long-awaited FOIA;

Slaymaker-Johnson FOIA

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