Operation Seabird Team Rubicon Helping in Philippines


teamrubiconTeam Rubicon is deploying a strike team to conduct a medical search and rescue mission in the Philippines in response to Typhoon Haiyan.  Will you help me raise money for Team Rubicon’s relief effort by making a donation to my fundraising page? Every little bit counts!

Link: http://fundraise.teamrubiconusa.org/fundraise?fcid=284160

If you can’t donate, will you share my fundraising link on your Facebook page?



About Team Rubicon:

Who We Are

Team: noun |tēm| : 1: a number of persons associated together in a group or activity 2: emphasizes the organization’s focus on small, cohesive units

Rubicon: proper noun |rü-bi-ķän| : a bounding or limiting line; especially: one that when crossed commits someone irrevocably. Origin: River in Northern Italy marking the border of Gaul and Rome; crossed by Julius Caesar in 49 B.C., considered by the Senate an act of war

TEAM RUBICON: proper noun | tēm rü-bi-ķän| : 1: a group of military veterans and medical professionals irrevocably committed to changing veteran reintegration and disaster response 2: the “Nation” of supporters who make this mission possible

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