Phony of the Week: Johnny “Fat Faced” Bea

JohnnybfatBe on the Look out for this Phony of the week.  

He is arragant and makes a complete A-Hole of himself in this Youtube clip.  Admits being a fake and phony and that he is going to take advantage of these Perks Veterans get on Veteran’s Day,  He is a Fraud be on the look out for him.  Veterans are coming together and already started a Facebook Group on this Guy Called the “Veterans Against Johnny Bea”



Latest Video from November 6th, 2013

So we are going to have a little fun getting you hunted down and arrested for Stolen Valor.  Your now our number 1 Priority now.  You made Veterans Angry,  (As the Bruce Banner says/ “you will not like it when I get Angry!”   well in this case you will not like it when Veterans get angry.


Here’s a Screen shot of this pitiful excuse for a man.  1458572_207601642755340_1663713214_nUpdate 11/9/2013 11:44PM


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6 Responses to Phony of the Week: Johnny “Fat Faced” Bea

  1. kelly says:

    John Elmo Sheppard Jr
    (Sensor Personal Information)

    • Admin says:

      Thank you Kelly, We had the details in hand, with a group of fellow veterans we are putting evidence together and contacting his County Sheriff with the Evidence.

  2. Troy says:

    If I may note, this douche nozzle is not doing what he claims. He is a troll seeking attention. Stolen Valor has outed him and has investigated him. He seeks attention and by posting this about him, you are giving him exactly what he wants.

  3. Admin says:

    It’s funny he talks about Veterans being welfare whores, Excuse me he lives with his Mother in a house that was brought to them by Habitat for Humanity.

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  5. Frank Cavallo says:

    What a pathetic piece of ………..

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